Wrath invasion

Wrath units land on Mormark.

In 325.M41 Mormark, Homeworld of Ghosts of Retribution, was attacked by an ancient terrible enemy - Men of Iron. Space Marines were not sure what their enemy was at first, so they gave it codename - Wrath.


No one is really sure why they came, but so far the most logical explanation is the strange beacon ancient beacon that Ghosts activated by accident when they first set foot on Mormark and explored ancient ruins beneath Tombstone. Later research showed that it was indeed the action that awakened dormant Men of Iron and recalled them to the ruins beneath the surface of Mormark for unknown reason. After the invasion of Mormark and Assault on the Wrath Mothership, remnants of the Wrath fleet left Mormark system towards Subsector Tyranus. Their fate is unknown.

Known Apostles of WrathEdit

  • Proteus 34 - force commander sub-AI
  • Proteus Series - battlefield commanders
  • Wrath Mastermind - Overarching Wrath AI

Known unitsEdit

  • Wardroids
  • Heavy wardroids
  • Support walker-tanks
  • Scout droids
  • Drone Aircraft
  • Wrath Warhound Titans
  • Wrath-assimilated Imperial war machines(tanks, vehicles, aircraft, even Titans)