• World: Volitair

    An orbital view of the Mafosu Desert. Volitus can be seen over the horizon.

  • Location: Subsector Cryptus
  • Type: Fortress World
  • Tithe: [Milites] Volitair primarily raises and trains regiments for the Imperial Guard
  • Population: 1.7 Billion [1 700 000 000]
  • Government: Military dictatorship. Whoever holds the highest rank of the armed forces commands Volitair, this is currently Lord General Ibn Sa-Lahm of the Imperial GuardAdmiral Ona Pelial of the Imperial Navy also holds a lot of sway here.


Volitair is planet of vast deserts and flat, rocky deadlands. The shifting sands and challenging but manageable climate of the desert lands make perfect training grounds for Imperial Guardsmen, and the solid rock areas make excellent terrain for Imperial fortresses and defensive structures.

The majority of the population lives within the secure and temperate Imperial structures that dot the landscape and when they come of age many join Volitair's PDF. If they manage to prove themselves, they are then inducted into one of Volitair's many Imperial Guard regiments. However the most prized soldiers are those inducted from the nomadic tribes that choose to live in the desert regions, dwelling in tents and travelling on horseback. These hardy people make tough soldiers, and those inducted into the Volitair military are formed into regiments consisting entirely of nomad recruits. They are highly trained and extremely well-equipped, and are especially well-suited for protracted engagements in hot climates or service as rough riders.

There's is also a large Imperial Navy base constructed around one of Volitair's moons, Volitus. Though not home to many capital ships, the navy operates many escorts and light cruisers on Volitus as their primary tactic for enemy agressors entering the subsector is to use large numbers of fast ships to harry the enemy fleet and force them towards Volitair, where they are shattered by the orbital guns and might of the Imperial Guard.

Due to the large greenskin presence on the coreward edge of subsector cryptus, Volitair is frequently engaged with greenskin forces in the outer reaches of their system. In the void, on freezing terrestrial worlds and gas giant moons Volitair engages marauding orks on an ongoing basis.

  • Technology: [V – Good] As the Fortress world for the Subsector, Volitair has many advanced military machines considered above average.
  • Military: Large PDF and many Imperial Guard regiments, as well as a sizeable defence fleet of system monitors. There is also a substantial Imperial Navy presence on Volitus (though skewed towards lighter vessels).
  • Strategic importance: [Maxima] Without this planet the subsector would fall.
  • Loyalty: [Imperial 85%] The unceasing propaganda of the Imperial War Machine ensures complete loyalty from the populace, but weathering assault after assault wears some of the veterans down, and they begin to dream of a life without constantly fighting for the Imperium.

Notable LocationsEdit

Volitair's surface is predominantly covered by vast deserts that are riven with narrow tracks of grassland around trailing rivers, and dotted with oases that vary in size from simple drinking holes to small paradises. Between the deserts are numerous large rocky plateaus, and it is upon these that most of Volitair's infrastructure is built.

  • Kerak - The capital city of Volitair, this massive fortress-city is ringed with high sand-coloured ferrocrete walls and is located upon the vast Al-Kerak Plateau. Orbital defence lasers and flak towers dominate the skyline amongst concrete hab blocks and civilian infrastructure. Military barracks, training facilities and airbases are dotted throughout the city, and the walls themselves are covered in turrets and buttresses. Outside the walls are massive semi-permanent military encampments where Mechanised, Armoured and Artillery regiments are trained and stationed, though all are capable of retreating behind the walls within a matter of hours. Notable locations in Kerak:
    • ​Planetary Palace - This opulent fortress serves as the home of the Lord General of Volitair and the centre of bureaucracy and military command on Volitair. Notable inhabitants:
      • ​Lord General Ibn Sa-Lahm - An Imperial Guard veteran who has served in the Brachau Crusade as a rough rider officer. Lord General Sa-Lahm has battled orks for centuries, both on the back of a horse and above a strategic hologram.
    • The Babel Spire - This enormous spire is the tallest building in Kerak by far, stretching into the sky like a great spear. It is a defensive structure studded with orbital defence lasers, AA guns and colossal missile launchers, and is capable of tearing apart whole wings of attack craft and voidships in low orbit. Most significantly, its tremendous height allows its defence lasers to traverse down and fire at the ground outside the city walls, the anti-voidship weapons able to carve molten furrows in the rock and incinerate swathes of enemy troops.
    • Residential Areas - Kerak's living areas are quite densely packed due to the space limitations enforced by the defensive walls. These great constructs of lightly coloured stone are home to millions, and the wealthier inhabitants can afford larger city manors that house entire dynasties. Notable inhabitants:
      • Faruk Dynasty - This family is extremely devout to the Emperor but different lines follow different methods of worship. This can lead to great tension during dynasty gatherings, including accusations of heresy towards each other's cults.
  • Mafosu Desert - The largest desert on Volitair and located next to the Al-Kerak Plateau, the Mafosu Desert is a foreboding expanse of rolling sand dunes and scorching heat and home to hundreds of tribes of desert nomads who survive off the land. Predators like desert lions and great river lizards stalk the lands, and nomads hunt both these and more benign creatures like sand oxen to feed themselves. They do not live this life solely because of tradition, for the various oases and riverbanks that stitch the desert are considered shrines in their own right and the nomadic tribes believe that making pilgrimages between these holy places is the one true way to venerate the Emperor. Though relations between nomadic tribes are mostly peaceful, conflicts can sometimes arise when tribes resort to raiding others for supplies and wealth. The largest of these conflicts in recent history was in 246.M41, when almost half of the desert tribes formed into three factions (mostly decided by ancient treaties of alliance between tribes) that engaged in all-out conflict with each other. The immensely bloody war was only stopped by Imperial intervention, Armoured regiments from Kerak riding out into the desert and forcing order between the horseback nomads. Notable inhabitants:
    • ​Sheik Salah ab-Adin - Chieftain of the largest nomadic tribe in the Mafosu Desert, many warriors in Volitan Imperial Guard regiments hold strong loyalties to Salah ab-Adin.
  • Volitus - The sole moon of Volitair, Volitus serves as an achorage for Battlegroup Cryptus/Meridian. A large grid of docks and defence platforms have been built above the moon and it always has several naval vessels moored, often including the Blade of Vengeance when she's not on patrol. Notable inhabitants:
    • ​Rear Admiral Kawlis Rawne - Commander of the Volitus anchorage. Though he never quite developed the instinct required for offensive fleet actions as a warship officer, Rear Admial Rawne has proven to be an excellent bureaucrat and defensive strategist.

Other notable planets in the systemEdit


  • World: Samatair
  • Type: Temperate Mining World
  • Tithe: [Ferrum] Samatair tithes industrial metals to the forges of Volitair itself and Peletonium.
  • Population: 42 million [42 000 000]
  • Government: Military dictatorship. A representative of the Lord General of Volitair holds absolute power here. This position is currently held by General Esmaine Ibylla, a middle-aged woman who rose rapidly through the ranks in the Imperial Guard thanks to her keen intellect and political savvy.
  • Description: A small, desolate world in the habitable zone of the sytem, Samatair is rich in ferrum and so has long played host to large mining operations. It is also a frequent target of orknoid attacks and therefore has a large presence of Volitan military forces. Feral ork infestations are a permanent problem, and occasional large scale uprisings or ork reinforcements from out-of-system must be beaten down or beaten back.
  • Technology: [IV - Imperial] Samatair's mining industry uses reliable equipment. While the local military presence - while tough - is not particularly exceptional in technology.
  • Military: Samatair has a large Imperial Guard presence, with regiments of all kinds stationed here. There are also several defence monitors and defence platforms in orbit.
  • Strategic importance: [Media] Samatair's minerals are not to be sacrificed lightly, but it serves no vital function.
  • Loyalty: [80% Imperial] The hard mining and frequent fighting wear down on the population's spirit.


  • World: Pamascus
  • Type: Temperate World
  • Tithe: [Nix] Pamascus has nothing to tithe, but is protected due to its status.
  • Population: 37 million [37 000 000]
  • Government: Military dictatorship. A representative of the Lord General of Volitair holds absolute power here. This position is currently held by General Mullah Al-Farez, an Imperial Guard infantry veteran who has spent his entire life on Pamascus.
  • Description: Originally little more than a habitable but otherwise small & useless planet on the edges of the system's habitable zone, Pamascus became a Shrine World during the Belisarian Reclamation Crusade in M37. Whilst cleansing the system of orknonids an ancient shrine to the Emperor dating back thousands of years was discovered on Pamascus, and Imperial forces quickly began colonising the area around the shrine and fortifying it. Over the centuries Pamascus became strongly associated with the strength of faith in the Emperor, and is covered in shrines and churches devoted to the Imperial Cult. Like most other planets in the Volitair system Pamascus is frequently attacked by orknoids and has its own feral infestation, but its holy status means it cannot simply be bombarded from orbit.
  • Technology: [V - Good] Pamascus' civilian infrastructure is nothing special but the military presence is well equipped, with machinery including super-heavy tanks.
  • Military: Pamascus has a sizeable Imperial Guard presence, and several defence monitors, stations and orbital defence platforms hold vigil over the precious shrine world.
  • Strategic importance: [Media] Pamascus is an important morale asset, but does not perform any vital functions.
  • Loyalty: [95% Imperial] The highly religious society breed a loyal populace.

Ultima VolEdit

  • World: Ultima Vol
  • Type: Gas Giant
  • Tithe: [Nix]
  • Population: N/A
  • Government: N/A.
  • Description: A vast gas giant covered in moons - both habitable and inhabitable - and asteroids. Any orknoids that find their way into the system invariably head for Ultima Vol to lurk amongst the crowded orbital space and make planetfall on the moons. Such an infestation within the system naturally cannot be allowed to fester, but the Imperial forces sent to clear the infestation have a hard task ahead of them as ork ships ambush them from behind asteroids and orknoids on the surface hide in massive cave systems to endure orbital bombardment, necessitating the deployment of ground forces to clear the greenskins manually.
  • Technology: N/A.
  • Military: N/A
  • Strategic importance: [Nix].
  • Loyalty: [Nix]


  • World: Arcitair
  • Type: Ice Death World
  • Tithe: [Nix]
  • Population: N/A
  • Government: N/A
  • Description: A freezing cold world covered in sight-blocking clouds and razorhail blizzards. Orknoids that make planetfall here are near-impossible to kill from orbit, the harsh climate throwing off any bombardments. As such ground forces must be sent into the desolate landscape, braving the freezing climate and dangerous native creatures to hunt down and exterminate the greenskins.
  • Technology: N/A.
  • Military: N/A
  • Strategic importance: [Nix].
  • Loyalty: [Nix]

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