• Name: Vanguard
    Space Marine Fleet -3- Gladius-class Frigate

    Space Marine Gladius-class Frigate.

  • Class: Gladius-class Frigate
  • Chapter: Ghosts of Retribution
  • Status: Serving the Chapter in Gladius Squadron Alpha
  • History: The Vanguard was constructed on Nestorium in 309.M41 using the machine spirit from a recently crippled pre-heresy Escort and purchased by the Ghosts of Retribution. As of 330.M41 it has only been used as transportation for the chapter since they have not been involved in any real space combat. In 335.M41 the Vanguard was tasked with returning the badly mutated Synius Jaenar to his navigator house, however, it disappeared into the warp and has yet to reappear. In 338.M41 House Jaenar confirmed Vanguard had made it to Noctis and left Synius with his house, but when the vessel departed a warp storm flared up, and the ship has not been heard from since. It was later rediscovered as having suffered a warp jump mishap and was stranded for many months as they repaired their systems, it has since returned to service.

Statistics (for copypasting to 4chan)Edit

Type/Hits: Escort/1. Speed: 30. Turn:1/4. Shields: 1. Armour: 66+. Turrets: 2.

Weapon - Range/Speed - Strength - Arc

Weapons Battery - 30 - 4 - Front/Left/Right

Notes: A Veteran Machine Spirit means the squadron that contains this vessel adds +10 when rolling against enemy armour for it's Weapons Battery attacks. Furthermore, enemy attacks on the Vanguard's squadron are shifted one column to the right on the Gunnery Table.

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