• Name: The Iron Phoenix
    Mark V. 'Anchor' Space Station

    The Mark V. "Anchor" Space Station.

  • Class: Anchor-Class Space Station
  • General Classification: Other
  • Specialisation(s): Trading Hub.
  • Chapter: Ghosts of Retribution
  • Population: 870 000
  • Dimensions: 10 km diameter, 6km height
  • Status: Serving the Chapter, in orbit above Mormark. Always at least 1 squad of Space Marines taken from the Tombstone garrison stationed here.
  • History: Construction began on The Iron Phoenix upon the discovery of it's STC at the end of the Invasion of Mormark in early 326.M41. It's name was chosen due to the nature of it's creation, 'Iron' because it was discovered from the Men of Iron, and 'Phoenix' because it represented to rising of Mormark from the ashes of war. Construction was finished a year later, and a year after that Chapter Master secured new food shipements to Mormark and The Iron Phoenix was used as a method to bypass the quarrantine order on Mormark, ensuring the famine on Mormark was relieved.


Type/Hits: Defence/12. Speed: 0. Turn:0. Shields: 3. Armour: 66+. Turrets: 4.

Weapon - Range/Speed - Strength - Arc

Weapons Battery - 60 - 12 - All Round

Lance Battery - 45 - 4 - All Round

Torpedoes - 30 - 6 - All Round

Launch Bays - 30 (Fighters), 20 (Bombers) - 4 Squadrons - N/A

Notes: All weapons may split fire between any vessels within range in any way at will with no penalty. Thunderhawk Squadrons may be stationed instead of regular Fighter/Bomber squadrons but the Thunderhawks must be purchased seperately.

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