• Name: Reo 'Wolfhound' Hestrom
  • Rank: Arbites Investigator
  • Born: 301.M41
  • Cult: -not marine-
  • Status: Serving the Chapter


The Ghosts earned Hestrom's servitude from the Inquisition by surrendering them the Chaos Artifacts taken from the Ebon Host, and the powersword from the Red Giants.

Reo "Wolfhound" Hestrom is originally from Sarris V, a planet well known for it's great Arbitres. After almost 10 years as a street Arbitrator he was requisitioned by a passing Inqusiitor during an investigation, and became a permanent addition to the Inquisition. He worked for the Inquisition for almost two more decades, becoming a veteran acolyte and favourite independent investigator of many Inquisitors.

Most of his time in he spent working under Inquisitors in the Ordo Hereticus among them Inquisitor Hesten - also known as Faceless. Since Hesten went missing Wolfhound floated around the Ordo until he received a new assignment. To work for the Ghosts of Retribution.

In 355.M41 Reo Hestrom joined Punisher Squad after they were hired by the Chapter.

Skills & TraitsEdit

  • Intelligence 40
    • ​+Inquiry (+10)
    • +Search (+20)
  • ​Charisma 40
    • +Interrogation (+15)