• Regon

    Fabricator General Regon

    Name: Regon(codename)
  • Occupation: Fabricator General of Nestorium
  • Status: Governs Nestorium
  • Background: Very little is known about him. Became Fabricator General in 002.M41. Founded Nestorian Learners faction.
  • Recent history: Ghosts of Retribution met Regon when they first came to Sector Deus. He almost immediatelly became their good ally, Regon was responsible for organising joint archeotech raid for STC templates on Varda. Regon also was the one who persuaded Machine Council to create an unorthodox Retribution Pattern Baneblade for the Chapter.
  • Motivation: Knowledge, power, destroying Ministorium's powerbase in Sector Deus.
  • Affiliation: Nestorian Learners, Ghosts of Retribution
  • Assets: Nestorium, it's Explorator Navy, Titan Legions, Scitarii forces and economy.

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