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Sisters of Battle preparing to move out into the Underhive of Inaria.

The Order of Bloody Tears was founded on Gudrun in Sector Scarus circa 700.M39 as a splinter movement from the Order of Our Martyred Lady. The name of the Order symbolises the bloody tears that are shed by those who fight for the Imperium.

The Thought of Gudrun as it was called was the idea that the best way that Sisters can serve the Emperor was not by killing his enemies but by helping and protecting those who serve and believe in him. Because of this the Order of Bloody Tears maintains a close relation with Orders of Sisters Hospitaller, Dialogus and Famulous, with many Sisters from these Orders embedded within the Order of Bloody Tears' command structure so they may better coordinate their humanitarian efforts.

The Order of Bloody Tears very soon grew and gained prominence, because Sector Governors who were interested in increasing Imperial influence on frontier worlds welcomed missionaries from the Order with open arms. Local populations also loved the Order because it fought local warlords, mutants and heretics, while establishing schools, hospitals and temples to the Emperor.

However as time passed and the Order spread closer and closer to the Halo Stars, following the 'Thought of Gudrun' became harder because of the ever increasing xeno attacks, marauders, Chaos worshippers and other dangers. The hardest hit that Order suffered came in 218.M41, when Order Headquarters on Gudrun were destroyed in a suicidal heretic attack. After this event the Order was scattered and even now, more than a century later, they are still trying to reestablish a clear chain of command. The real reasons behind the seemingly random attack on their main Covenant became clear only two decades later, in 241.M41, when House Glaw was found to be pervaded by a Chaos cult, and it was speculated that they were the ones who organised the attack.

The animosity between the Iron Monks and Nestorium means the Sector Deus branch of the Order of Bloody Tears relies primarily on Yixiu for equipment.

Agenda: Spreading Imperial Creed on frontier worlds; serving the Ecclesiarchy; providing humanitarian aid for Imperial citizens.

Assets: Over a dozen Covenant-Fortresses across the Sector Deus; thousands of Sisters; allies with Iron Monks. Also have their branches in Mandragora, Scarus, Tagerantes, Gothic, Paxia and Calixis Sectors.

Strongholds in Sector DeusEdit

Sisters of the Order of Bloody Tears can be found on almost all worlds in Sector Deus. Though they will usually be singular squads posted at the planet's main Cathedral or the many Hospitallers spread around hospitals across every world. Larger collections of Sororitas are only usually found in the following places:

  • Convent of Saint Evangelion: The headquarters of the Order in Sector Deus and located beside the Cathedral of Saint Evangelion on Tachion Primaris. Guarded by their finest Celestians and personally commanded by Canoness Preceptor Engel, this is one of the most secure locations in the Sector.
  • Sarrasima Convent: Located on Attero, this Prison-Convent holds those who have been imprisoned on command of the Ecclesiarchy. Therefore there are a large number of Battle Sisters here to guard the dangerous inmates. It is also home to the Sector's handful of Sisters Repentia - Sororitas who have sinned or otherwise failed so extremely that only penitent service can offer them redemption. Finally it houses many empty Penitent Engines, to be filled when required with priests that have been found guilty of heresy.
  • Kestonia Convent: As a world of extreme value to the Iron Monks, they have assigned far more Sororitas to Astrobel's defence than truly necessary. This Fortress-Convent is well equipped & well defended, and serves as the administrative centre of the planet.
  • Saint Luripedes' Redoubt: An ancient Shrine World and important symbol of the Imperium's dominance, Adamant Prime has a rich history in both faith and military. This Fortress-Convent was built around the ruins of a cathedral dating back to M32 and the Sisters here zealously guard the ancient holy relics within - including the preserved skeleton of the Convent's namesake. Saint Luripedes earned his status in M34 when he led the defense of Subsector Adamantis against one of the largest xenos armies ever to arrive from the galactic rim.
  • Church of His Eternal Will: Located in Karrus, Malta, this perpetually war-torn world needs to maintain its citizens' faith if it is to survive. The Cathedral-Fortress is located in the capital city of Karrus, and serves as both a place of worship for the common citizen and an impregnable stronghold for the many Sisters of Battle that guard it. Many times have the Sisters of Karrus repelled daemonic horrors that could not be faced by those of lesser faith.

Active members in Sector DeusEdit

  • Canoness Preceptor Amelia Engel - Overall commander of the Order in Sector Deus
  • Canoness Commander Ardentia - Commander of the Sarrasima Prison-Convent
  • Palatine Serpentina - 2nd in command and Chief Interrogator of the Sarrasima Prison-Convent
  • Celestian Superior Agatha - Experienced, highly skilled warrior and one of Canoness Engel's personal guard.
  • Sister Hospitaller Judith
  • Sister Superior Eliza (Ghost Company in Kanihirium)
  • Sister Superior Ath Laurent (Privateer Quest)
  • Sister Jessira (Privateer Quest)
  • Sister Hospitaller Aelia (CEF)
  • Sister Almudena (CEF)

Former MembersEdit

  • Sister Heidra - Killed in action on Lituanica in 324.M41
  • Sister Astia - Killed in action on Lituanica in 324.M41

Encounters with the Ghosts of RetributionEdit

In 322.M41 the Ghosts of Retribution forced the Order to hand over Magos Fram, a prisoner they  had taken on the order of the Iron Monks, by mustering vastly superior forces at the gates of their Covenant on Attero. The Order was highly disgruntled at this and took the Chapter to Imperial Court for their actions.

Only a year later in 323.M41, the Order was commanded to attack an Nestorian Learner transport ship by the Iron Monks. Unfortunately for the Sisters the transport was being escorted by Space Marines of the Ghosts of Retribution, and when the Marines refused to comply with their demands to hand over the Techpriests the Sisters opened fire with their ship's cannons. Their attack was a disaster and Space Marines boarded their vessel, demanding they surrender. It was not until 413 Sisters had fallen (in exchange for a mere 6 Space Marines) that they gave in. Fortunately Captain Brethorius had mercy upon the survivors and set them free - but not before confiscating several vehicles as recompense, including a mighty Land Raider. This unfortunate event would intensely sour relations between the two organisations for decades to come.

In the wake of the Invasion of Mormark the planet was too polluted to feed itself, and with the destruction of Prothera just a few months later famine was soon hitting the population. Chapter Master requested that the Order supply food and aid to the stricken world. Though Cannoness Engel's hatred toward the Ghosts of Retribution and their Chapter Master was more intense than ever following their failure to protect her homeworld, the humanitarian nature of her Order shone through and Engel put aside her personal feelings for the good of the Mormarkian people. For two years transport ships under the command of the order airdropped in supplies where they were needed.

In 340.M41 after the Betrayal at Varda, the Order provided aid to the remaining Vardan population in return for a modest donation to their coffers. The Hospitallers and healing priests that helped the Vardan people did much to assuage the seething hatred they had for the Ecclesiarchy, though not their disdain for the Iron Monks in particular. The Order also took in hundreds of Vardan orphans who had lost their families to the atrocity.

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