• Name: Ghostly Justice
  • Date: 322.M41
  • Commanding Officer: Chapter Master
  • Forces: 350 Marines, 10 Techmarines, 10 Apothecaries, Trianon, Prinium, Urgh, Kronos
  • Goals: Find and destroy a supposed daemon threat


Inquisitor Faceless asked the Ghosts of Retribution to help him destroy the underwater base on the Ocean world of Inaria that belonged to a certain radical Inquisitor named Quixos.

The group settled down and was organised quickly. Scouts reported the underwater facility to be close by, the group of Marines and combat support quickly making their way to the main entrance. It was decided against using explosive charges to access the facility in the name of stealth and to not compromise the hull.

Both Prinium and Urgh were tasked with bypassing the security systems and opening the doors, friction between Prinium and Urgh occurred due to the latter not being respectful of machine-spirit traditions, much to the chagrin of Prinium. In the interest of maintaining the element of surprise, it was decided that the task was be solely down to Prinium, Urgh's ways, whilst being quick, would have alerted the base occupants to our prescence.

Once the main doors were opened, Kronos led the charge into the base, cutting down many occupants, however, the alarm was sounded in time and station defences were deployed. Three marines are lost to the automated security systems, pinning down both Prinium and Kronos. Under the threat of abandonment, Urgh deactivates the security system as best he can, giving the marines precious minutes to assualt the inner core of the facility. Kronos and two squads worth of marines are able to make it through, the rest remaining in the outer sections, battling the security.

An unrelated area is accessed by the Chapter Master, it's contents one single book, which is promptly read. The book unleashes unspeakable warp horrors, tainting the Chapter Master's mind with visions of madness. The book is removed from his grip but he remains comatose, one marine catching a glimpse of it, sending him into a berserk rage, his comrades having to subdue him with death. Chapter Master loses an eye before snapping out of the warp-induced visions.

The group finds Area-C228, the supposed demon containing room, guarded by a lone Grey Knight. The Knight is initially stubborn to letting them inside, but after lengthy debate is persuaded not to spill Imperial blood. Everyone is shocked when they find multiple abominations inside. The central mutant speaks heretical words of the death of The Emperor before being killed by the Grey Knight. The mutant also spoke of a Silencius of the Silent Guardians Chapter. Fated Chapters are mentioned for the first time.

  • Aftermath: The facility explodes, everyone makes it back to the ship. Victory.
  • Losses and gains:
    • Gains - 3 Experience, Grave warning