• Name: Morbid
    Space Marine Fleet -2- Strike Cruiser

    Space Marine Strike Cruiser.

  • Class: Strike Cruiser
  • Chapter: Ghosts of Retribution
  • Status: Serving the Chapter
  • History: Morbid originally served an unknown Space Marine chapter and was almost irreparably damaged in 250.M41. It was repaired by the Adeptus Mechanicus and passed on to the newly formed Ghosts of Retribution chapter in 306.M41. As of 330.M41 the Ghosts of Retribution have not fought any Space Battles so Morbid has primarily served as transportation for the Chapter and support for ground battles. In 342.M41 it was sent to Sector Paxia along with the Fourth Company in Operation Tidebreaker. It returned in 357.M41.


  • Shipmaster: Captain Alexis London
  • XO: Commander Helene Autor
  • Senior Navigator: Nils Jaenar


  • Thunderhawk Gunships: 2/6 (<1squadron)
  • Thunderhawk Transporters: 0/6
  • Drop pods: 7/20
  • Teleportaria: 1/2 (Capacity: 20 humans, 10 marines, or 5 terminators)

Ground VehiclesEdit

  • 20 Tarantulas
  • 5 Hyperios AA Tarantulas
  • 5 Rhinos
  • 2 Predators
  • 2 Land Speeder Tornados
  • 5 Warbikes

Statistics (for copypasting to 4chan)Edit

Type/Hits: Cruiser/6. Speed: 25. Turn:1/4. Shields: 1. Armour: 86+. Turrets: 2. Leadership: 87.

Weapon - Range/Speed - Strength - Arc

Port Weapons Battery - 30 - 4 - Left

Starboard Weapons Battery - 30 - 4 - Right

Dorsal Bombardment Cannon - 30 - 3 - Front/Left/Right

Prow Launch Bays - 20 (Thunderhawks) - 0 Squadrons - N/A

Special Traits:

Veteran Officers: Many of the bridge officers of the Morbid are vetearns from Battlefleet Paxia. This gives the Morbid a +10 modifier to all to-hit rolls.

Battle HonoursEdit

Operation Tidebreaker 345.M41Edit

  • Destroyed Orknoid Savage Gunship
  • Destroyed Orknoid Terror Ship
  • Shared Destruction of Orknoid Rok with Dauntless Light Cruiser Jester

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