• Name: Merkon
  • Rank: 2nd Captain
  • Born: 271.M41
  • Cult: None
  • Status: Deceased (325.M41, Operation Ice Spear)
  • About: A stoic and reserved man, always ready to do his duty and serve the Chapter. He was a very close friend of Brother Dreidor. When in combat he always prefers fighting rational approach, fighting from the distance, so he wields his own customised Mk. III sniper rifle. Well remembered for his 2-year journey to gather recruits from the worlds of Sector Deus. He is a good friend of 4th Captain Dreidor, ever since they arrived for training together as Initiates. In 325.M41 he was killed in action, along with 90% of his company, during the events of Operation Ice Spear. One of the few Chapter heroes who didn't receive proper burial and battle honours, he lives on in the hearts of his brothers as an example.

Skills & TraitsEdit

  • Weapon Skill 35
  • Marksmanship 44
  • Charisma 35
  • Eye for Potential(+20% recruits from the world where he is stationed)

Mission that awaits us will be hard. But we are Ghosts and we do not falter. For the Emperor and Chapter Master!

- Captain Merkon to his men before the Operation Ice Spear. Second Company was wiped out in that battle. Captain himself paid the ultimate price.