A friend of Cagirates, however for the most part he feels as if he has been living under his shadow of achievements, although he manages to keep himself from Spite, he still feels as if there was more to his life as a Space Marine than simply filing in as a Grunt, as his skills were not remarkable in any commonly explored Space Marine qualities, despite this he has still managed to rise to the station of Sergeant, due to his long-term service record as well as his ability to command people on the battlefield.

On the subject of Lady Anastasia Belladon, it is unknown exactly why Lusmer appears to be infatuated with her, and her him. When they asked Chapter Master for permission to marry he refused.

In 355.M41 after Cagirates escaped from Ursus' palace, he revealed that Anastasia Belladon was a rogue psyker who had enthralled the space marine with her powers, and Larion Ursus had arranged similar witches to entrance the other marines of the honour guard.

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