Larion Ursus

Larion Ursus

See Ursus Coup Plans for information on the planned overthrow of Larion Ursus

  • Name: Larion Ursus
  • Occupation: Sector Governor, Head of the Ursus Dynasty.
  • Status: Resides at Imperial Palace on Tachion Primaris.
  • Background: Not very smart or very efficient, but strong willed and stubborn enough to be used as a proxy by his powerful family, Larion Ursus governs Sector Deus with a whip and revolver. A recent assassination attempt cost him his left arm, in reply, he executed the entire noble house responsible. No one feels safe around him, as whenever something is going not according to his orders, Governor simply prefers to relieve him of his duties, sometimes with a help of a firing squad. Even though he cannot act with such disregard for civilised manners in the higher tiers of nobility, he is known for sending whole noble families to exile or barring the doors into politics for new candidates he doesn't like. This leads to a very specific kind of stagnation in Sector Deus government, but High Lords of Terra tend to turn a blind eye on this as long as he keeps the Sector stable and secure.
  • Recent history: He didn't seem to particularly like Ghosts of Retribution, most likely because he thought of them as intruders into affairs of his Sector. This changed after they swore him their loyalty. So far he has only used their loyalty to boost his prestige in political circles, with no real duties. However recently he requested Chapter Master to send him his two squads of best marines to serve as an Honour Guard to High Sector Lord.
  • Motivation: Political domination of Sector Deus.
  • Affiliation: Sector Deus and Imperial aristocracy, Administratum, Adeptus Terra.
  • Assets: Unlimited within Sector Deus. Technically can order any Imperial branch of service to provide him whatever he needs.


Scout Master Geron infiltrated Ursus' palace in 347.M41, where he learned many things:

  • It appears that Deidara Ursus, Larion's wife is very fond of "benefactors". Who are they Geron doesn't manage to find out, but over the course of the day she mentions them on two separate occasions when speaking with important individuals from high society who secretly come to pay her respects.
  • Geron also infiltrated Katriona's chambers, seeking to find some signs of heresy. What he found instead was Larion himself, having his way with his daughter in ways that unsettled your scout worse than some of the daemons he had to face in the past. At least that explains why she hasn't married for so long...
  • It appears that the household is full of minor xenotech. Geron has recorded a wraithbone pendant, Tarellian ritual sword on the wall, collection of Ork teeth. Sector nobility is known for using xenotech as a form of rare and expensive commodity, but what interests Geron is a non-Imperial human made cogitator. He wasn't able to access it as it is at all times protected by one of our brothers in the Honour Guard.
    • The cogitator was soon stolen by the Ghost Company. Upon investigation by Seran and Magos Voughtius, it was learned that the cogitator allows the user to piggyback concealed messages onto an astropathic choir and had an 85% chance to have been built by the Styrian Triarchy. Allowing secret messages to be exchanged between parties. Managing to breach deeper levels of security, it was discovered that the cogitator is calibrated to direct messages towards Triarchy space, and their comms codes were learned.
    • Further investigation resulted in the Cogitator self-destructing. Fortunately the Eldar Ixadiel, who had recently been saved from the Ebon Host in Operation Wild Hunt, was able to scan the remains and download the incriminating contents onto a wraithbone amulet. In the messages were correspondence between Deidara Ursus and parties in the Styrian Triarchy, outlining the exchange of fringe worlds for continued peace and discussing mutual enemies, including a "raging green horde" (presumably orks), "overzealous warrior mutants" (likely Space Marines), "fanatical priests" (the ecclesiarchy) and "twisted servants of chaos" (self-explanatory). Both parties were interested in preserving the current status quo of Sector Deus.
  • When Cagirates escaped from the Palace and was recovered by the Chapter from the underhives of Hive Babelion, he revealed that Larion Ursus' court had a coven of Rogue Witches that were being used to control the space marines of his Honour Guard. One of these witches was used in an assassination attempt against Lord Admiral Tyrel Hagen, while another is Lady Anastasia Belladon.
    • One of the witches, named Larissa Mahian, was kidnapped by the Ghosts of Retribution with the help of the blank Xenya Smirnova. She revealed that she had been mindwiped and Deidara Ursus played a major role in controlling the coven. Larissa's - and many of the other witches' - powers were enhanced with Spook, and Larissa had a strong controlling presence in her mind.

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