• Name: Kentauros
    Space Marine Fleet -3- Gladius-class Frigate

    Space Marine Gladius-class Frigate.

  • Class: Gladius-class Frigate
  • Chapter: Ghosts of Retribution
  • Status: Serving the Chapter in Gladius Squadron Alpha
  • History: The Kentauros was built on Nestorium in 309.M41 and was soon purchased by the Ghosts of Retribution. As of 330.M41 it has served as merely transportation between planets for the chapter, as they have yet to be involved in any space combat. In 338.M41 the Kentauros was badly damaged by pirates working for Daikan Alepros, whilst recovering the Ghost Company from Caseblanco.

Statistics (for copypasting to 4chan)Edit

Type/Hits: Escort/1. Speed: 30. Turn:1/4. Shields: 1. Armour: 66+. Turrets: 2.

Weapon - Range/Speed - Strength - Arc

Weapons Battery - 30 - 4 - Front/Left/Right

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