The Jovian System is so named because the orbital mechanics of its four terrestrial planets closely resemble that of the galilean moons of Jupiter in the Sol System. It was originally colonised during the Dark Age of Technology and has remained staunchly Imperial throughout, right up to the modern day.

New IoEdit

  • World: New Io
  • ​Location:Subsector Adamantis
  • ​Orbital Radius:​ Deep Inner Cauldron
  • Type: Volcanic World
  • Tithe: [Nix]
  • Population: N/A
  • Government: N/A
  • Description: Orbital resonance between the four terrestrial worlds of the Jovian System cause tremendous tidal heating upon New Io, turning it into a massively volatile world where magma spews through the crust via thousands of volcanoes and rifts. Eruptions from New Io occur contantly and the largest can approach over a thousand kilometes in height. The only people who visit this world are brave (or foolish) shipmasters seeking to exploit New Io's rich minteral seams, praying they are not struck by any eruptions whilst in low orbit. 
  • Technology: N/A
  • Military: N/A
  • Strategic importance: [Nix]
  • Loyalty: N/A

New EuropaEdit

  • World: New Europa
    New Europa Landscape

    A typical New Europan landscape

  • Location: Subsector Adamantis
  • Orbital Radius:​ Central Habitable Zone
  • Type: Paradise World
  • Tithe: [Nix] New Europa is part of Jovian System, who's tithe comes from other planet's in the system.
  • Population: 250 million [250 000 000]
  • Government: Imperial Dictatorship. The Governor of the Jovian System has always been the head of the Ixaros Dynasty - ancient allies of the Xerant Dynasty. The Jovian Governor has absolute power but in practice operates with a large Senate of both appointed & elected ministers. The current Jovian Governor is Lord Governor Collan Ixaros.
  • Description: Like it's namesake, New Europa is the most verdant of the four terrestrial worlds of the Jovian System. Orbital resonance among them created a beautiful landscape across New Europa's surface; long, broad mountain ranges covered in all manner of lush forestry and picturesque landscapes. It is therefore used as the home of the Jovian Systems most affluent people and its government.
  • Technology: [V – Good] As the centre of the upper class in the Jovian System, New Europa has a high standard of living.
  • Military: The best guardsmen of the Jovian System reside here to defend the government, and much vaster legions are nearby on the other planets of the System. The Jovian SDF is also very large and consists of several monitor squadrons as well as a pair of monitor-cruisers.
  • Strategic importance: [Media] All 3 habited planets of the Jovian System work in concert with one another, all are needed to ensure the output of machinery from New Ganymede.
  • Loyalty: [Imperial 88%] The only troublemakers here are moderately dissenting political groups.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Olympea - The capital city of New Europa and therefore the capital of the entire Jovian System. Olympea is an ancient city constructed of polished marble & plasteel, and around the central government sector are concentric rings of habitation areas that decrease in opulence as one travels further from the centre. Though even the furthest suburbs are lavishly constructed by Imperial standards. Notable locations in Olympea:
    • Palace of Lords - The ancestral home of the Ixaros Dynasty. The Palace of Lords is the seat of the Jovian Govornor & their family, and its large council chambers serve as a place of gathering for the Jovian Senate. Notable inhabitants:
      • Lord Governor Collan Ixaros - The current head of the Ixaros Dynasty and the Governor of the Jovian System. Collan is a competent, if uninspiring, leader, and keeps the Jovian System running smoothly.
      • Lady Alexa Ixaros - Collan's eldest daughter and heir. Alexa Ixaros is one of the most desired women in the sector and has spent most of her life being tutored for her eventual duties. 
    • Olympea Precinct - This system is vital to the Subsector's war machine. As such it is closely monitored by the Adeptus Arbites to ensure not even a hint of incompetence or disloyalty can compromise it. Notable inhabitants:
      • Marshal Stephanie Xerant - The eldest daughter of Lord General Lucas Xerant, she ensures the System is always firmly devoted to the Imperium and the Xerant Dynasty.
    • Inner District - The residential areas closes to the city centre, these areas are inhabited by the wealthiest citizens of the Jovian System. Notable inhabitants:
      • Steener Dynasty - This family has close ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus and features a high degree of cybernetic augmentation. Dying members of the dynasty select a favoured younger member to carry their own augmentations, resulting in millenia-old cybernetic components valued more than the person using them. Each bearer will have a Magos add their own stylistic and/or technological improvements to the augmentations, making each one an incredible example of technology featuring all kinds of advanced functions.

New GanymedeEdit

  • World: New Ganymede
    New Ganymede

    The surface of New Ganymede

  • Location: Subsector Adamantis
  • Orbital Radius:​ Far Habitable Zone
  • Type: Industrial World
  • Tithe: [Industria] New Ganymede outputs vast amounts of technology, from war machines to everyday electronics.
  • Population: 8 Billion [8 000 000 000]
  • Government: Imperial Dictatorship. New Ganymede is ruled by the Jovian System governor on New Europa.
  • Description: New Ganymede had always been dedicated to manufacturing, but when the xenos hordes attacked in the Age of Strife the planet was forced to maximise production at all costs, providing Adamant Prime with the technology they desperately needed. To this end every square kilometre of the planet is covered in manufactorums. Indeed, one would be forgiven for mistaking it for a Forge World, but the Adeptus Mechanicus does not govern this world being as they did not exist during its period of hyper-industrialisation. As a result New Ganymede's atmosphere is incredibly polluted, its oceans dried up and what exists outside the manufactorums little more than wasteland. Traffic around the planet is heavy, as transports filled with ore from New Callisto funnel in and transports carrying machinery head off to Annulus.
  • Technology: [VI – Admirable] - New Ganymede produces a massive variety of technology both simple and advanced, though does not have access to the finer technologies exclusive to real Forge Worlds.
  • Military: Sizeable PDF force, but of average quality due to the planet's longstanding purpose of manufacturing over fighting. It is also protected by the Jovian SDF and has a large number of stations & defence platforms in orbit.
  • Strategic importance: [Media] New Ganymede's machinery is definitely important, but there are still other sources of production in the Sector.
  • Loyalty: [Imperial 76%] Though the inhabitants of the Jovian System are periodically given leave on New Europa to reduce dissent, life on New Ganymede is hard work not everyone is happy with.

New CallistoEdit

  • World: New Callisto
    New Callisto

    Once of the shaft-mining facilities on New Callisto

  • Location: Subsector Adamantis
  • ​Orbital Radius:​ Far Habitable Zone / Outer Reaches
  • Type: Mining World
  • Tithe: [Ferrum] New Callisto exports minerals to be used in New Ganymede's manufactorums.
  • Population: 4.2 billion [4 200 000 000]
  • Government: Imperial Dictatorship. New Callisto is ruled by the Jovian Governor on New Europa.
  • Description: Half of New Callisto is relatively mild, covered in cities, green countryside and calm oceans. The other half is little more than rock and minerals, having been utterly stripmined. Now the population delve deeper, mining enormous shafts into the surface of the planet through the already-stripped areas. New Callisto sends what they mine to New Ganymede, where it is turned into every kind of technology imaginable.
  • Technology: [IV – Imperial] Simple and hardy technology tears minerals from the earth. 
  • Military: New Callisto has a tough PDF force, in addition to the elite regiments from New Europa nearby. The Jovian SDF keeps its orbit secure and large ore handling stations in orbit are equipped with defensive guns.
  • Strategic importance: [Media] In partnership with the other planets of the Jovian System, New Callisto has important but non-vital function.
  • Loyalty: [Imperial 82%] Though mining is never an enjoyable profession, the milder regions of the planet as well as New Europa offer the population a more pleasant life when on leave.