Ionian veterans

Armoured company of 34th Lemurian Imperial Guard Regiment during Ionian crusades. From this single company hailed four Regimental Commanders, two government officials and a Munitorum General. Evil tongues whisper, that they took those positions not just because of their skill.

Description: Ionian Crusades were merciless. Tens of millions of men have laid down their lives for the Emperor, rushing straigth into the meatgrinder under command of incompetent fools and glory hounds. By the time Imperial forces took a grip of themselves and started fighting a real war, those who fought together have formed a strong bond among themselves. This became noticeable only very recently - in the last decades of 3rd century of 41st millenium, when many of the men who served in that war in junior positions started taking up important posts in the Imperial government apparatus. They most often are known for their close cooperation between themselves, so many people in Capitolis Sectorum even consider them a political faction, not just a circle of comrades.

Agenda: Unknown

Assets: Numerous members have important positions within Imperial government, Navy and Guard.

Known members: