• Volcano-planet

    Hefaistos burns.

  • Location: Subsector Cryptus
  • Type: Volcano World
  • Tithe: [Nix] Uncivilised world
  • Population: 0
  • Government: None.
  • Description: Hefaistos has over 11 300 active volcanos all over it's surface, it's literally bleeding lava. Because of the poisonous fumes and high concentration of ash, only Space Marines are able to breath in such atmosphere, no humans inhabit this world. Some of the more interesting local xeno lifeforms include Hefaistan Firedrakes and gigantic Flame Leeches.
  • Technology: [I - None]
  • Military: None.
  • Strategic importance: [Nix] This is just another piece of flying rock in the Imperial space, no one really cares about it.
  • Loyalty: [no population]