• Hades


    World: Hades
  • Location: Subsector Mortis
  • Type: Barren Frontier World
  • Tithe: [Nix] No contact with Imperium
  • Population: 980 million [980 000 000]
  • Government: No unified government. Feudal monarchies.
  • Description: Hades was once a human colony, however because of some reasons that even time itself forgot, it was lost to the wider Mankind. Without contact, local population soon regressed into semi-medieval state, losing both technology and knowledge. What's even worse - without the resources or the knowledge how to finish terraforming Hades' atmosphere, they left it incomplete and as centuries passed, radiation from their sun started slowly mutating them. Nowdays almost 90% of the planetary population are Grade III or even IV mutants, pure humans are looked at with suspicion and disdain, but they are tolerated. There are three major powers on Hades. Two rival kingdoms, Dometia and Skainia are at uneasy peace and every century or so fight each other openly or through their proxies. However there is a third state, so called 'Republic of Mages'. It is not as big or powerful as the other two, but 'wizards' who live there in small quantities supply other kingdoms with modern weaponry - lasguns, autoguns, even vehicles. This way they can keep their neautrality and support status quo in the planetary politics. There is also region known as Crashlands, that is on the border between Skainia and Dometia. Around a thousands years ago damaged Imperial spaceship came to Hades system, hoping to receive repairs, but found that the planet regressed back to the feudal times. As spaceship wasn't able to travel any further, it just orbited the planet until gravitational field slowly dragged it closer and eventually it crashed. All of the human crew perished, but some of the Ogryns aboard survived and they now roam the Crashlands, killing 'muties' for food and fun. In 317.M41 because of unknown reasons reactors of the spaceship activated again and exploded in the apocalyptic explosion. All kingdoms decided that this is a new weapon test/sign from the God Emperor and went into all out war with each other. Recording of the explosion.
  • Technology: [III - Poor] Locals use primitive gunpowder weapons and even have some limited steampower, but that's it - even a lasgun is considered to be technological wonder.
  • Strategic importance: [Nix] Imperium doesn't even know this world exists.
  • Loyalty: [Imperial Autonomous 82%] Locals fervently believe in the God-Emperor, however they have no idea about the Imperium, for them it is no more than a myth, if they will ever find out, they will suffer the greatest cultural shock in millenia.