Magos Fram

Magos Geneticus Fram in his field uniform.

Magos Geneticus Prime Fram is one of the many Techno Priests that research the secret art of genetics on the Forge World of Nestorium. Because of his unparalleled knowledge knowledge and ability to make effective decisions in any situation, he was granted a seat in the Nestorian Machine Council. Unfortunatelly in 321.M41 he was kidnapped on the order of High Cardinal Astrobelus Kest from Tachion Primaris and then held on Attero by Sororitas from the Order of Bloody Tears. He was tortured until they forced a false confession, but he was freed by the Ghosts of Retribution who intimidated the Sisters into releasing him.

In 357.M41 he was dispatched to Lemuria to investigate a strange mutation cropping up in the native Tuskbear population. He was accompanied by a squad of marines from the Ghosts of Retribution for protection.


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