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    The 1st Company of the Ghosts of Retribution
  • Moniker: 
  • Chapter Colours Variation: Black Helmet, Crux Terminatus in place of Squad Symbol
  • Commander: Captain Brethorius
  • 2nd in Command: Lieutenant Mercurion


The 1st Company has been active since the founding of the Ghosts of Retribution Chapter. As the Chapter's Veteran Company, the First Company consists of the finest marines in the Chapter who are experienced in all manners of warfare and combat. This Chapter rarely fights as a whole, with independent units being sent to reinforce the other Companies on campaign with an elite core of Veterans.

However in the Betrayal at Varda this Company deployed as one, with Chapter Master to relieve the beleaguered Fifth and Sixth Companies on the planet's surface, smashing apart the traitorous Frateris Militia with deadly accarate bolter fire and the smashing bulk of the 1st Company Terminators.

The next time the entire 1st Company was deployed together was during the Battle of the Sector Palace (359.M41), where they - along with the Seventh Company - invaded the Sector Palace and apprehended Sector Lord Larion Ursus.

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Ghosts of Retribution Terminator

A Ghosts of Retribution Terminator and his armaments