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    Ghost Chaplain. Awesome art by BerserkerOnFire.

  • Rank: High Chaplain
  • Born: 277.M41
  • Cult: Imperial(moderate)
  • Status: Deceased (328.M41)
  • About: Extatius was chosen by the Chapter Master for his diplomatical skill. Everyone agrees, that even Kronos has more fury that would suit the usual Chaplain, but Extatius plays another, very significant role - he is the mediator between the different splinter cults within the Chapter. Unwise policy of allowing everyone to follow their own ways has resulted in schism among brothers and Extatius, by following the traditional dogmatic Imperial creed reminds everyone that faith to the Emperor is above individual interpretations. Extatius perished in 328.M41 in the orbit of Olympia while trying to explore an abandoned shipwreck from Pre-Heresy times.

Skills & TraitsEdit

  • Diplomacy 45
  • Fighter 35
  • Calm Soul(+30 when trying to prevent conflict among brothers)

Quotes: Daemons and xenos are the least of our worries if there is no faith to shield ourselves from inner strife. Brothers, always remember - enemy snatches the victory not on the battlefield, but in our souls.

-Extatius while trying to prevent honour duel between Sarkos and Kay.