"Through Unity and Faith, our strength is unmatched" - Motto of the Eaglebearers

The Eaglebearers are a faction within the Ecclesiarchy. More tolerant towards unorthodox branches of the Imperium than the Iron Monks, they consider that as long as you ultimately venerate the Emperor the method is irrelevant.

Their main tenet is bearing the eagle to new worlds, colonising them and spreading the Imperial faith (or at least their own brand of it). Because of this they mostly operate and draw their political strength from peripheral worlds where they are acting as missionaries, administrators and sometimes even as defenders for the colonists and natives. Their open attitude towards cooperation with other branches of the Imperial authority like Chartist Captains, the Merchant League or the Adeptus Mechanicus means that they always have allies there where they are needed.

On the other hand, Sector Deus nobility view them as nothing more than a tool to expand their own power and don't show much tolerance when Eaglebearers try to throw their weight around in more important matters. They also cooperate quite closely with White Preachers, except for the fact that Eaglebearers are a lot more militant. In fact there are rumours that they even participate in slave trade on the periphery worlds to gain the funds to continue their never ending quest for expansion.

Agenda: The Eaglebearers seek to expand the Imperial Creed as far and as wide as possible. They are often seen supporting Rogue Traders or even sending their own ships to colonise new worlds. Whenever there is a proposal for a Crusade to further Imperial boundaries, the Eaglebearers are first to sign up.

Assets: The Eaglebearers maintain their own modest transport fleet that they use to colonise new worlds and to nourish existing colonies. Also they enjoy some support among the Sisters from the Order of Bloody Tears, who sympathise with their fervour to spread the light of the Emperor into the darkness of space.


  • Cardinal Hyginos - Cardinal of Nymeria [PQ]
  • Bishop Jaywant Volker - Bishop of Nymeria [PQ]