• Name: Dreidor
  • Rank: 4th Captain
  • Born: 270.M41
  • Cult: Chapter Cult
  • Status: Commanding 4th Company
  • About: As an initiate Dreidor quickly asserted himself as a commanding figure, so when the Chapter was officially formed he was chosen to be Captain of the 4th Company. His style of leadership is a mixture of respect and fear, notorious for imposing brutal punishments on any of his men he finds slacking while on duty, and with a stentorian roar to match. Nevertheless, he is beloved by the marines under his command, for though he may be harsh to his men, he holds himself to even higher standards, never ordering his men to do something he wouldn't do himself, he is always the first into the breach, and the last out. He had been a good friend of 2nd Captain Merkon ever since they arrived for training together, and since Merkon's death he has reportedly become even more unforgiving with any of his men he finds lacking, and has a particularly intense hatred of the Wrath. He is also friends with Captain Harmantos, who was Dreidor's second-in-command of their company for almost two decades. He was mission commander for Operation Tidebreaker.

Stats, Skills & TraitsEdit

  • Weapon Skill 49
  • Willpower 43
    • +Leadership (+15)
  • Intelligence 44
    • +Strategy (+15)
    • +Tactics (+5)

Special EquipmentEdit

Ghosts of Retribution Relic Headstone

'Castigator' pattern relic power fist "Headstone"

  • Heroic Weapon (Power Fist) Headstone
  • Iron Halo
  • Artificer Armour
  • Bolt Pistol
  • Frak & Krak Grenades

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