• Name: Deathwishers
  • Leader: Lieutenant Kronos
  • Members: ~90, including half of the 5th Company
  • Battle Cry: Death to them, Death to us! For the Chapter Master!
  • Values: Fearlessness, Obedience, Autonomy
  • About:

The Deathwishers believe that the Chapter Master is the direct descendant of the Emperor and that they live in eternal debt for him for his self-sacrifice. This means, that for each day they live, they owe him ever more. Deathwishers believe, that the only way to repay this debt is with an honorable death, when you die either while on Chapter Master's orders or taking as many enemies of Chapter as you can with you into the afterlife. Recently there have been reports about very heated debates among Deathwishers after brother Sarkos suggested a hypothetical situation where Chapter decided to split-off from the Imperium. After long discussions, talks and a few brawls it was finally decided that Chapter Master for Deathwishers is the supreme authority, High Lords of Terra are only in the second place. Deathwishers were strong rivals with Soulkillers before they left the Chapter during the Shattering.

In 350.M41 Chapter Master had a serious discussion with his officers over the state of the Chapter and brought up the attitude of the Deathwishers. They had requested to waste their own lives and a good deal of the Chapter's machinery on a suicide mission in 346.M41, and Chapter Master told them such disregard for the Chapter's strength was unacceptable and selfish.

Many Deathwishers took these words to heart during the next Seance, and converted to the Chapter Cult. This coupled with battlefield attrition has slowly whittled down the size of the Deathwishers cult, and they are now a small minority in the Chapter compared to once comprising almost half of it.

  • Rituals: Deathwishers are known for covering their bodies in ritual tattoos and praying before battle. Some of them go as far as to wound themselves to repay parts of their debt to the Chapter Master.

Known Members: Edit