NPC upgradesEdit

You may spend Chapter experience to improve individual marines or your allies. The costs are as follows(for NPCs):

  • Buying a basic skill(+0) = 1xp
  • Improving an existing skill by (+10) = 1xp
  • Awakening a new characteristic = 1xp
  • Buying +5 stat points = 1xp

NPCs usually have a couple or more characteristics that are noted in their profiles. These are their best characteristics. NPCs can buy only skills that are associated with the characteristics they are good at(for example Character with Agility would be allowed to buy Acrobatics).

Current chapter xp: 3


Skills are a great addition to your existing characteristics. Here's a list of some skills that you might find useful:

  • Acrobatics(Climbing, Freerunning)
  • Athletics(Running, Swimming, Throwing)
  • Awareness(Search, Detect Traps)
  • Diplomacy(Sense Motive, Negotiate)
  • Charm(Seduce, Influence, Persuasion)
  • Chemistry(Explosives, Poisons)
  • Deceive(Disguise, Escape)
  • Dodge
  • Drive(Pilot, Operate)
  • Exorcism
  • Hunting(Tracking, Survival)
  • Inquiry
  • Interrogation(Torture)
  • Intimidation
  • Leadership
  • Literacy(Forgery, Runecraft)
  • Lockpicking/Stealing
  • Logic(Strategy, Research)
  • Medicine
  • Navigation
  • Repair(Sabotage, Craft)
  • Stealth(Hiding)
  • Sorcery
  • Tech-Use(Hacking)
  • Tactics


These are specific to

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