The Great Chronicle, that gets updated ceremonially during each Seance. Here are written all the achievements that the chapter did, to serve the Emperor. Just like all the misdeeds that have to be corrected, or at least not forgotten.

Made the Journey of Faith for the honor of the inhabitants of Mormark, first to do so in thousands of years.
Due to tactical oversight, the first battle of the Ghosts against the Orks of Varda, was their most unnecessarily decimating battle.

We Have Purged the Orks from Varda, and placed the Emperor's loyal subjects in their place, adding the planet to our realm. Every battle fought and won against the Vardan Orks, every citizen that lives due to the colonization of the planet, stands as a testament that the Ghosts suffer no such dishonor.

Lost the relic bestowed to us by our predecessors, the Wrath of Corax.
Returned the Fist of Judgement to our esteemed brothers, the Imperial Fists
Destroyed the Dark Mechanicus army, who besieged the planet of Mormark.
Allowed the World of Prothera to be ravaged by traitor marines.

The Ghosts Have journeyed to Terra personally, to retrieve parts for the repair of the planet's Weather Cathedrals, saving it from permanent Ice-Age.

The Chapter found Ashkenor the Wrathbringer, who was responsible for the Protheran incident, and executed him and the majority of his warband, destroying his vile lair.

Due to mistrust, secrecy, and misunderstanding, the Chapter has turned upon itself on Inaria. Some brothers were lost to blade, others were lost to honor.

The surviving marines went on a penitent crusade of their own volition

The ancient fault of our gene-seed, the missing Mucranoid is no more. We brought the Chapter closer to the Emperor's perfection.Suffered dishonor by the rabble of Tartarus.
Defeated the treacherous Iron Monks, both in battle and before the eyes of Imperial Law. Defended the citizens of Varda from their onslaught.
Saved from injustice, and adopted the Strongback's crewmen, who turned on their Masters for the sake of the Ghosts, during the Betrayal at Varda.
Defeated and thwarted the plans of the Arch-Heretic Quixos, aided His Majesty's Holy Inquisition, and the Grey Knights.
The ancient fault of our gene-seed, the missing Mucranoid is no more. We brought the Chapter closer to the Emperor's perfection.
Saved the Shrine World of Artoria from rot and ruin of the Ebon Host Warband, destroying a cruiser of the archenemy during the operation.

Pending Entries Edit

These entries weren't added yet, the deeds are done, but they aren't put into the book until the next Seance, on the The Day of Remembrance, the ceremonial signing.

- The Genestealer Infestation on San Larion have been wiped out, their den razed, their Patriarch and their Magos dealt with, thus stopping future portential infestations from this hive.

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