Athena Prime Mountain Fortress

One of the thousands of fortresses that stud the mountainsides of Athena Prime's colossal canyon system.

  • World: Athena Prime
  • Location: Core Worlds
  • Type: Fortress World
  • Tithe: [Militas] Athena Prime is the primary Imperial Guard training world in Sector Deus.
  • Population: 4 Billion [4 000 000 000]
  • Government: Imperial Military Dictatorship. Athena Prime is ruled by Lord General Drakkon Ursus.


Athena Prime was one of the first planets in Sector Deus colonised during the Great Crusade, after the Age of Strife. Its mountainous terrain is highly defensible but it has little in the way of resources so it was chosen as a good location to become the primary fortress world of the Core Worlds, ready to answer to any threat to the Sector command.

As time has gone on and Sector Deus' borders expanded the core worlds became ever safer, so Athena Prime's chief duty changed from just sub-sector defence to exporting guardsmen to defend every corner of the sector. The planet's population all enrol in military-oriented academies for their education and most then serve a few compulsory years of service in Athena Prime's PDF. From here the best and most willing PDF troopers are permitted a position in one of Athena Prime's many thousands of Imperial Guard Regiments. Those who do not go into the Imperial Guard instead return to civilian occupations once their PDF service is over, with years of military training under their belt (though little practical experience as Athena Prime's PDF has not seen action in over a millenia).

The planets upper echelons mostly consist of former-officers who returned to Athena Prime once they had been discharged from the Imperial Guard. Above Athena Prime is the primary Imperial Navy base in Sector Deus, a vast network of shipyards and space docks.

  • Technology: [V – Good] Athena Prime is home to many military technologies.
  • Military: Athena Prime for all intents and purposes is a practically unassailable system. Protected by large Imperial Guard presence, countless millions of PDF troops and obscene numbers of orbital defence cannons, as well as several large squadrons of defence monitors and the massive Imperial Navy presence.
  • Strategic importance: [Maxima Magna] Athena Prime trains more Imperial Guard forces than any other planet in the Sector and a large number of Naval officers and skilled crewmen. If this planet falls many more - if not all - systems in the sector would follow.
  • Loyalty: [Imperial 98%] Athena Prime has been untouched by enemy forces for many centuries and everyone is provided for by the Imperial Guard resulting in almost non-existent levels of poverty. These relatively comfortable conditions coupled with the strict discipline instilled by joining the Imperial Guard make the average citizen of the planet incredibly loyal. However wherever humans are found there will always be the whispers of chaos, ever scratching at the very back of the mind.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Mycaena - The capital of Athena Prime. Mycaena is a long series of large, closely-packed fortresses and defensive outposts located along both sides of a mountain range. Each fortress has surrounding settlements of densely packed hab-blocks, while the fortresses themselves house substantial amounts of Imperial Guard, PDF and civilian personnel. The fortresses vary in size massively, from simple garrison affairs to enormous, hive-spire sized amalgamations of ferrocrete and plasteel. Notable locations in Mycaena:
    • Fort Deus - Dating back to the Great Crusade, Fort Deus lies in the centre of Mycaena, built around and within the largest mountain in the range. After millenia of expansion the original citadel now functions as a massive gatehouse, comprising the main entrance to Fort Deus and containing powerful defensive measures. The rest of the fortress is a vast sprawling installation comprising hundreds of massive floors stretching from the base of the mountain to the very top, with various defensive towers, forts and outposts studded across the surface. Fort Deus serves as the centre of control, bureaucracy and military command on Athena Prime - and therefore serves as central command for the entirety of the Imperial Guard in Sector Deus. Notable inhabitants:
      • Lord General Drakkon Ursus - Supreme commander of Athena Prime. He is also the brother of former Sector Lord Larion Ursus.
      • Master of the Deus Departmento Munitorum Karloff Artrage - A highly ranked adept of the Administratum, Master Artrage reports to Deus Administratum Master Prescoe on Tachion Primaris. He controls the entirety of the logistical oversights of the local Imperial Guard, and it is the duty of his departmento to ensure supplies are delivered, troops are trained and equipment is maintained.
    • Athena Storm Trooper Academy - This enormous combat school trains some of the finest soldiers of humanity. This is one of two Storm Trooper Academies in Sector Deus, the other located on Sarris V. Of the two, Athenian regiments enjoy a far older and more illustrious history, and several of the Sector's most famous regiments are based here.
  • Sparchas - A major industrial city comprised of multiple large manufactorum and refinery complexes joined by vast tracts of habitation blocks. Sparchas produces vast amounts of standard-issue personal equipment supplied to the Athena Prime PDF and their Imperial Guard regiments. M36 pattern Lasguns, combat knives, flak armour, frag grenades and laspacks are produced in the millions on a yearly basis here.
  • Steelhaven Achorage - A large complex of interconnected space stations and orbital docks orbiting Athena Prime, this is a massive Imperial Navy base that serves as headquarters for the Core Worlds Battlegroup and Battlefleet Deus as a whole, as well as a training facility for a vast number of officers & voidsmen. Steelhaven often plays host to a large number of Imperial Navy warships, including the Sector flagship Unbreakable, and the Armageddon-class battlecruiser Reverent Spirit is currently assigned to Athena Prime's defensive fleet. Steelhaven is also home to large shipyards, which are primarily devoted to repairing, renovating, refitting or otherwise servicing warships of every kind. Notable inhabitants:
    • Rear Admiral Ulrik Sallay - The commandant of Steelhaven Anchorage. Rear Admiral Sallay is an ancient naval officer who runs his anchorage like a well oiled machine.

Other notable planets in the systemEdit

Athena MinorEdit

  • World: Athena Minor
  • Type: Temperate Mining World
  • Tithe: [Ferrum] Athena Minor tithes large amounts of industrial metals and fuels to the forges of Sparchas.
  • Population: 77 million [77 000 000]
  • Government: Military dictatorship. Athena Minor is ruled by the highest ranked officer on the planet. This is currently General Ernst Locum, a pencil pusher who knows his way around logistic and politics but has no combat experience.
  • Description: A small planet inside Athena Prime's orbit. Athena Minor plays host to vast stripmining operations that pull every scrap of usable material from the ground. It has kept the forges of Athena Prime fed for millennia, and shows no signs of exhaustion - of course the lack of any concern for preserving the biosphere makes the mining operations far more efficient.
  • Technology: [V - Good] The mining operations are largely automated and utilise advanced machinery that belches toxic fumes and chews away at the earth at a rapid pace.
  • Military: Athena Minor's population has a substantial level of PDF enrolment, and with Athena Prime so close it would be easy to reinforce in vast amounts.
  • Strategic importance: [Media] Athena Minor's minerals are very important to Athena Prime's industry, but could be acquired from elsewhere if they had to be.
  • Loyalty: [Imperial 95%] Though still highly loyal, the unpleasant environment of Athena Minor creates a less content populace.

Athena MajorEdit

  • World: Athena Major
  • Type: Temperate Agri World
  • Tithe: [Agri] Athena Major tithes raw agri products to Athena Prime where they are processed into vast numbers of long-life ration packs and more.
  • Population: 102 million [102 000 000]
  • Government: Military dictatorship. Athena Minor is ruled by the highest ranked officer on the planet. This is currently General Keli Vaal, who once served as a surgeon in a Medical Regiment and served in the Third Ionian Crusade. After the crusade she began climbing the ranks thanks to her respected service and allies among high command. She considers ruling Athena Major to be a very pleasant semi-retirement.
  • Description: A large planet whose orbit is only slightly outside Athena Prime's, most of Athena Major's surface is devoted to growing crops and raising cattle. It is a balmy, pleasant world that was terraformed millennia ago for this express purpose, and its loyal populace does its duty well.
  • Technology: [V - Good] Harvesting and cultivating on Athena Major have high levels of automation and mechanical assistance.
  • Military: Like all planets of the Athena system, Athena Major's PDF is very large. The nearby Athena Prime makes Athena Major nearly impregnable.
  • Strategic importance: [Maxima] Athena Major's agri production is vital to the survival of the population of Athena Prime. If it were lost then mass famines could ensue as agri imports from other worlds take time to be arranged and shipped.
  • Loyalty: [Imperial 99%] The pleasant world of Athena Major breeds a very complacent population, in addition to the loyalty instilled by the militarised culture.

Athena UltimaEdit

  • World: Athena Ultima
  • Type: Gas giant
  • Tithe: [Nix]
  • Population: N/A
  • Government: N/A
  • Description: This vast gas giant and its surrounding orbital features - including rings, moons and asteroids - is used as a stellar training ground for starship crews of all kinds. The Imperial Navy and the Merchant Fleets put their crews to the test here, training helmsmen to weave through obstacles, training gun crews by using asteroids as moving targets, and training commanders to keep their crews in line. Ancient twisted hulks - long ago scrapped and stripped of all valuable parts - are used for live fire practice and boarding practice both, and massive asteroid-based macro turrets loaded with softmetal dumdums serve to give trainee crews a shock should they fail to avoid incoming fire.
  • Technology: N/A
  • Military: N/A
  • Strategic importance: [Nix]
  • Loyalty: N/A