Next to nothing is known about her life prior to the action on Lituanica in 324.M41. But even after the small time Brother Montus served with her it became apparent that she was a ruthless and efficient leader that valued the mission above anything else, even Imperial lives. As such she decided to pursue a Dark Eldar raiding party instead of helping wounded locals. Her last known whereabouts were moving towards Montus' unconscious squad in the ruins around the webway portal. Presumably she arrived to find Judith and Montus missing, and see the violated remains of Heidra and Astia.

By 350.M41 Ardentia had been promoted to Canoness Commander and took Engel's former position commanding the Prison-Convent on Attero. Alongside her is her second-in-command and chief interrogator, Palatine Serpentina.


"Weak minded fool. If 'men' like you defend the Imperium, I am having no hopes for the future."

-Sister Ardentia to Brother Montus, after he argued against leaving the locals to die"