Anastasia Belladon

Lady Anastasia Belladon

  • Name: Anastasia Belladon
  • Occupation: Imperial Noble
  • Born: 269.M41
  • Status: Fleeing Imperial justice. Location unknown.
  • Background: Born into the main line of the Belladon Dynasty - a major family of the Nobility of Sector Deus - Anastasia lived a life of decadent luxury and power over those lower in society.

Recent HistoryEdit

Anastasia Belladon's life was fairly typical for a noble, living in a large palace, feasting on the finest delicacies and having an extended life due to expensive rejuvination treatments. Until 332.M41, when she met Sergeant Lusmer of Larion Ursus' Honour Guard at a social gathering. Sergeant Lusmer became enamoured with Lady Anastasia, who reciprocated his feelings (on the surface at least). The pair entered a relationship and after a few months requested Chapter Master that they be married. Though genuinely considerate of Lusmer's emotions, Chapter Master would not allow the marriage to occur, concerned that Anastasia's motivations are not as pure as Lusmer believed.

In 355.M41 when brother Cagirates was recovered from the Babelion Underhives, he revealed the Anastasia was a witch who had entranced Lusmer with her powers - apparently on the order of Sector Lord Larion Ursus. When asked about his relative, Alderon Belladon said that he did not know Anastasia was a psyker and no official records state she is sanctioned, raising the serious concern that she is a rogue psyker. It was later discovered that Deidara Ursus - not Larion - was the ringleader of the witch coven.

When the Coup against Larion Ursus struck the Sector Palace, Anastasia fled along with Brother Lusmer and Deidara Ursus.

  • Motivation: Avoiding capture.
  • Affiliation: Nobility, Belladon Dynasty
  • Assets: At least one warp-capable vessel, large amounts of wealth, land and property.