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    Sister Agatha in prayer, asking for strength to follow the path in that awaits her.

  • Rank: Celestian Superior
  • Born: ~300.M41
  • Status: Serving the Order
  • About:

In 324.M41 Sister Agatha was a young Sororitas under the command of Sister Superior Serpentina during the interrogation of Ghost of Retribution Montus. She appeared to be very unwilling to do her duties and even seemed to be sorry for having to follow them. Montus even got a strange suspicion, that Sister Agatha might infact be venerating him because of his 'divine' connection with the Emperor.

23 years later in 347.M41 the Ebon Host, a Nurglite Warband of Traitor Astartes, attacked the Imperial pilgrim ship Dutiful Mule as it passed through Subsector Cryptus. Ambushing it in the outer reaches of the Platius system when it stopped off to collect pilgrims.

Fortunately now-Celestian Agatha along with a dozen other Sisters had been assigned to guard a holy relic being transported on the Heavy Transport along with the pilgrims. So when the Nurglite Cultists and a handful of Plague Marines invaded the ship expecting cowering civilians they instead found Agatha and her squad entrenched and prepared for their attack. Withering bolter fire tore the cultists apart and when one foolhardy Plague Marine charged the Sororitas' position Agatha herself neatly decapitated him with her chainsword. The others quickly fled back to their ship, unwilling to risk their lives for a relatively meagre prize.

The Ebon Host had been beaten back with a flawless ambush, and aside from some quickly purified contamination there was no damage to the Dutiful Mule and its cargo. News of the action reached Imperial officials across the Sector and the veteran Sister Agatha was highly commended and promoted to Celestian Superior, making her one of Canonness Engel's personal guard.