• World: Adamant Prime
    Adamant Prime

    A public square in Adamant Prime's Capital.

  • Location: Subsector Adamantis
  • Type: Major Civilised Shrine World
  • Tithe: [Aptus Non] Adamant Prime's tithe was declared nix for all time by the Emperor himself in honour of their resilience through the Age of Strife.
  • Population: 14 Billion [14 000 000 000]
  • Government: Imperial Dictatorship. Adamant Prime and Subsector Adamantis is ruled by the highly militarised Xerant Dynasty, who can trace their ancestry back to the human coalition this planet commanded in the Age of Strife. The current head of the Xerant Dynasty and therefore the ruler of Adamant Prime & Subsector Adamantis is ​Lord General Lucas Xerant.

Description Edit

Adamant Prime was colonised eons ago during the Dark Age of Technology, named after the famously strong metal due to the planet's purpose as a defence against the many agressive xenos races that occupied the galactic rim, and during this time it formed a joint government with several surrounding planets. As the fortunes of humanity turned and the Age of Strife closed in, the commanders of Adamant Prime responded to the emergence of psykers much more quickly than most, regrettably but mercilessly eliminating any psykers they found both on their own planet and the others in their alliance.

This quick reaction allowed this coalition to avoid many of the warp-related horrors that plagued the rest of humanity, but did not help them avoid the resulting isolation and vicious assaults of the Cygnoid Coalition that sensed weakness in the species of man, travelling from beyond the galactic rim to assault Sector Deus. As the planet of the coalition closest to the galactic rim and the Cygnoid hordes, Adamant Prime gave everything in defence of the region. It's once verdant forests were reduced to ash, it's cities crumbled to rubble, rebuilt, and crumbled once more as the planet suffered assaults over and over from the inhuman invaders. For centuries practically every inhabitant of Adamant Prime could expect to die in combat, be that sooner or later, as the entire planet became an endless battlefield, allied and enemy fleets meeting in the skies above and never gaining an upper hand over the other.

As Adamant Prime kept the enemy at bay, the other planets of the coalition worked ceaselessly to keep them supplied. Provisions from Auburn, elite soldiers from Rampage, penal legions from Sepulchrum, and machinery and equipment from New Ganymede made of minerals from New Callisto, all funelled through Annulus to Adamant Prime.

Their resistance was not to be in vain however, and salvation arrived with the Imperial Army as the Great Crusade finally reached Sector Deus. The Imperial's cast aside the Cygnoids, obliterating their armies and fleet, and reducing their worlds in the Sector to dead rocks. The human coalition rejoiced, and joined the Imperium without hesitation. Adamant Prime was rebuilt grander than ever before, statues and monuments to their glory paving every street and dominating every square. Following the ascension of the Emperor to the golden throne and rise of the Imperial Cult, Adamant Prime was declared a Shrine World of holy significance because of its status as a symbol of humanity's victory over xenos.

In M34 the Cygnoid Coalition attacked Subsector Adamantis yet again. After a long, brutal and bloody assault the Cygnoids were halted and pushed back at Adamant Prime by the command of General Luripedes. Luripedes would then command a small crusade that destroyed the remainder of the Cygnoid forces in the Sector. General Luripedes was named an Imperial Saint after his death, and his preserved skeleton lies in Saint Luripedes' Redoubt, the grand cathedral of the planetary Capital and host to millions of pilgrims a year.

During the Long Storm in M36 that isolated Sector Deus from the rest of the galaxy, Adamant Prime used its political and military might to maintain control of the majority of the Subsector in the absence of greater Imperial presence. When the storm died down and Artorion Belisarius led his crusade back into Sector Deus, Adamant Prime and Subsector Adamantis had been seemingly unaffected by their isolation and readily returned to the Imperial fold.

In the 41st Millennium, Adamant Prime stands as a tribute to the resilience of humanity, and is a favourite pilgrimage site across the Sector and beyond. It is most popular during the 7th month when the Adamantian holiday of Luripedes' Day occurs.

  • Technology: [V - Good] - The massive population, lack of tithe and large amount of tourism afford Adamant Prime incredible wealth and therefore excellent technology.
  • Military: Known as the Adamant Army, Adamant Prime's colossal military (both PDF & SDF) is highly trained and highly traditional, honouring their ancestors with discipline and fearlessness in the face of the enemy. Consisting of hundreds of millions of soldiers, the Adamant Army is effectively a part of the Imperial Guard as the ruler of Adamant Prime is always a Lord General of the Imperial Guard. The system defence fleet portion of the Adamant Army consists of over a dozen defence monitor squadrons, and warships of Battlegroup Adamantis are often docked within the system.
  • Strategic importance: [Maxima] - Adamant Prime still serves as defence for the edge of the sector, and if it were to fall after everything it has survived, effects on morale across the sector would be crippling.
  • Loyalty: [Imperial 96%] - To oppose the Imperium that ended the planet's seemingly endless suffering and war is considered the most abhorent thing possible on Adamant Prime. Pro-democratic rebels that oppose the Xerant dictatorship are a small but recurring problem.


Adamant Prime's surface is approximately 60% water and most of the landmass is contained within two primary continents of roughtly equivalent size, which mostly occupy the northern hemisphere whilst the southern hemisphere is mostly ocean. It has a typical temperate climate with tropical heat near the equator, freezing temperatures at the poles, and large swathes of relatively mild weather in between.

The western continent houses the majority of Adamant Prime's population and is a verdant land that would be considered by most in the Imperium to be a paradise. Food is plentiful despite the high population, there are no lethal extremes of weather on the vast majority of the western continent, and while there are some dangerous native predators none compare to the horrors found upon Death Worlds.

The eastern continent however was the location of most of the conflict during the Cygnoid siege of M34, and has never fully recovered. Most of the eastern continent is a wasteland of ash, rock and destroyed cities - pockmarked with massive craters from the impact of both ordnance and voidships - and is mostly used as a training site for the Adamant system's colossal military, the encampments of countless regiments strewn throughout the wastelands as they perform manoeuvres and basic training. However in the millennia since the Lurripedes Campaign the coastlines have recovered somewhat, and house a few cities.

Notable locations on Adamant Prime: 

  • The Capital - Known simply as 'The Capital', this is Adamant Prime's bureaucratic, social, and spiritual centre. Located on the eastern half of Adamant Prime's western continent, it is an enoromus urban expanse at least a hundred miles across but sufficiently spread out and open enough to retain a pleasant appearence and living standards. Has a large, constant influx & outflow of pilgrims from across the Sector. Notable districts:
    • Planetary Palace - A massive fortress that serves as the centre of bureaucratic control for the entire subsector. Located in the centre of the Capital, at one end of the Grand Parade Road. Notable inhabitants:
      • Lord General Lucas Xerant - The most powerful man in the subsector resides here with a large portion of his Dynasty.
    • Grand Parade Road - An enormous ten-lane, 10km long highway of ferrocrete and ceramite that runs between the planetary palace and St. Luripedes Redoubt. A popular trail for pilgrims to walk upon arrival, the Grand Parade Road (as its name suggests) also hosts regular military parades.
    • St. Luripedes' Redoubt - Located 10km south of the planetary palace at the other end of the Grand Parade Road. This ancient cathedral is one of the most popular pilgrim destinations in the Sector. Taking a roughly circular shape this enormous place of worship is lined with ancient paintings, statues and shrines and the interior is a large shallow basin shape almost a kilometre in diameter, ringed with serried rows of curved pews all facing towards the middle. At the centre - visible to all - is the preserved skeleton of Saint Luripedes himself, clad in burnished silver armour with his claymore upon in chest and encased within a large casket of pure diamantine crystal. The roof of the cathedral has numerous spires that house the senior preachers, while attached to the rear of the cathedral is a large convent of Adepta Sororitas. Notable inhabitants:
      • Cardinal Irell Xerant - This powerful member of the Ecclesiarchy holds regular sermons for thousands of Adamantians and pilgrims.
      • Bishop Calys Ortor - An incredibly old priest that holds authority over the Capital itself, while Irell Xerant attends to the entire planet. Bishop Ortor is rendered nearly immobile by his life sustaining implants, and so mostly performs the administrative tasks of the Ecclesiarchy with the help of his personal bodyguard/assistant, Sister Bryanna.
      • Canoness Commander Stefanie Malin - This woman commands the contingent of the Order of Bloody Tears that resides here, numbering roughly two hundred and fifty Sisters of Battle. Several hundred Sisters Hospitaller and Sisters Dialogous also call this place home, but they are often posted elsewhere in the capital.
    • Fort Primus - The oldest still-active military fortress in the entire Sector, and located only a few kilometres east of the planetary palace. Fort Primus is an example of pre-Imperial military installations, with a curious lack of aquila iconography and large, flat defensive walls &  turrets rather than the detailed and buttressed forms prefferred by modern architects. Fort Primus is home to several elite Grenadier Regiments, ready to defend the capital centre at a moment's notice.
    • Residential Areas - Large areas of The Capital are devoted to civilian habitation, and it ranges massively in quality from basic hab blocks to opulent Noble mansions. Some of the wealthiest Dynasties in the sector choose to make their home in Adamant Prime's affluent areas (though many others eschew the option as the treatment of commoners on Adamant Prime is much more regulated than the Nobility's usual home of Hive Worlds). Notable inhabitants:
      • Ohrandium Manor - Home of the Navigator House Ohrandium, a close ally of House Jaenar that mostly services Imperial institutions like the Imperial Navy. House Ohrandium comprises of roughly 150 Navigators and whilst most are usually away on assignments this enormous, opulent manor is capable of housing all of them in extreme luxury. It is incredibly well defended by not only House Serfs but also soldiers of the Adamantian Military, and is rumoured to possess void shielding.
      • Helicosa and Ubevat Dynasties - These two devout  families both hold massive celebrations on Luripedes Day each year, denigrating each other as they compete for the favour of Cardinal Xerant. Though publically honoured by both families, Cardinal Xerant grows weary of their petty - but relatively benign - squabble.
        • Lord Byran Helicosa - Current patriarch of the Helicosa Dynasty.
  • Caldar - Located on the western edge of the western continent. Caldar is more of a region than a city, with a central metropolis surrounded by hundreds of towns and villages spread through the countryside. Located further north than the Capital, Caldar is known for its chilly climate.
  • Fort Adamant - A hollowed-out mountain that serves as the headquarters of Adamant Prime's colossal military. Located in the centre of the western continent.
  • Golden Straits - A stretch of coastline a few hundred kilometres long located at the point of least distance between the planet's two main continents. It is a tropical paradise region and lined with vacation resorts and tourism-based cities on both sides. One of the favoured destinations for wealthier pilgrims who wish to tour holy sights in comfort.
  • Strait Alps - A mountain range located a few dozen miles inland from the Golden Straits, and the other favoured destination for wealthy pilgrims. The Strait Alps are a snowy wonderland where the fortunate can enjoy relaxation and winter sports.
  • Capital Grove Country Club - Located halfway between the Capital and the Golden Straits, this is the largest and most pretigious country club on the planet, consisting of vast swathes of mild green pasture and forests and at its centre is an enormous manor house and stables. This is a favoured relaxation spot of the nobility, where they can ride horses, hunt game, and play sports.

Other notable planets in the systemEdit

Adamant IEdit

  • World: Adamant I
  • Type: Burning World
  • Tithe: [Nix]
  • Population: N/A
  • Government: N/A
  • Description: This small molten world's orbit and spin are alligned such that for approximately two weeks every terran year, fully half the world's surface stays facing away from the searing heat of the nearby star. Explorers and merchants take this brief opportunity to harvest what they can from the world's rich mineral seam and explore ancient catacombs & installations deep beneath the world's surface thought to have been created and inhabited by humans during the Dark Age of Technology.
  • Technology: N/A
  • Military: N/A
  • Strategic importance: [Nix]
  • Loyalty: N/A

Adamant SecundusEdit

  • World: Adamant Secundus
  • Type: Temperate Civilised World
  • Tithe: [Nix] Exempt from official tithes like Adamant Prime. Adamant Secundus does trade substantial amounts of Agri and small amounts of other organic products with other worlds of the Adamant system and elsewhere.
  • Population: 525 million [525 000 000]
  • Government: Military Dictatorship. A member of the Xerant Dynasty represents the Lord General himself on Adamant Secundus. Currently this position is held by General Callum Xerant - a cousin of Lord General Lucas.
  • Description: Adamant Secundus is a pleasant world that has a very close orbit to Adamant Prime itself, to the point where both planets are visible to each other with the naked eye at certain points in their orbits. Only colonised after the Great Crusade, Adamant Secundus is a fairly small world and serves as effectively an extension of Adamant Prime iself. Much of its industry revolves around agri production and the processing & refinement of organic products.
  • Technology: [V - Good] Adamant Secundus has easy access to all the same technologies Adamant Prime does.
  • Military: Adamant Secundus musters PDF regiments from its own population just as Adamant Prime does, the proud military tradition of the system and high level of training and equipment making them a potent force.
  • Strategic importance: [Media] Adamant Secundus does not have the same importance as its big brother but being so close to Adamant Prime gves it strategic value.
  • Loyalty: [Imperial 96%] Adamant Sucundus's population has a strong loyalty to the Imperium, impressed upon it by the nearby might of Adamant Prime.

Adamant VIEdit

  • World: Adamant VI
  • Type: Gas Giant
  • Tithe: [Nix] Exempt from official tithes, the inhabited moons of Adamant VI trade large amounts of industrial minerals with other worlds - both inside and outside the Adamant system.
  • Population: 85 million [85 000 000]
  • Government: Corporate dictatorship. The corporations that control the mines and industry hold absolute power here, as they import vital supplies needed for the survival of the inhabitants. However the mining corporations inevitably fold to any demands or decrees made by the Xerant Dynasty, making them little more than vassals. 
  • Description: A large gas giant planet. Adamant VI has a great many moons and orbital features, some of which approach planet size themselves. These are inhabited by colonies of miners and industrial workers who mostly originate from other planets in the system - but have chosen to work here for relatively substantial wages.
  • Technology: [IV - Imperial] Adamant VI's moons lack the advanced technologies found elsewhere in the system as the corporations have no need for them.
  • Military: The corporations employ private security and mercenary firms to protect their assets (both from raiders and other corporations) and the workers themselves can form a large militia of physically able men.
  • Strategic importance: [Media] Adamant VI's mineral exports are important to Adamant Prime's industrial sector.
  • Loyalty: [Imperial 95%] [Corporations 60%] Whilst they have an expected loyalty to their employers the vast majority of the workers simply see the corporations as a paycheck, and have a much higher loyalty to Adamant Prime and the Imperium itself.

Adamant IXEdit

  • World: Adamant IX
  • Type: Cold World
  • Tithe: [Nix] Adamant IX also has no official tithe, but also has little to trade or produce independently either.
  • Population: Though highly variable, Adamant IX typically houses approximately 10 million [10 000 000] soldiers of the Adamant military.
  • Government: Military dictatorship. With entirely military inhabitants, simple chain of command determines authority on Adamant IX. The current commandant is General Safan Maize. An aged veteran of the Imperial Guard.
  • Description: A small, frosty planet located in the outer reaches of the system, Adamant IX is used as a defensive installation and training ground by the Adamant military. Studded with fortresses and defensive guns, with large weapons platforms and defence stations in orbit Adamant IX is a tough nut to crack, and its extensive augur arrays - coupled with its wide orbit - give it a commanding view of the entire system and the surrounding void. So long as Adamant IX remains in Imperial control it is practically impossible for any enemy force to gain entry or move around the Adamant system without being seen.
  • Technology: [IV - Imperial] The military forces use hardy, reliable equipment that can endure the chilly climate, and lack many of the creature comforts they have back home.
  • Military: A large number of Adamantian regiments are rotated on & off Adamant IX periodically, ensuring it is perpetually manned by healthy regiments that aren't too worn down by the climate. At least half a dozen defence monitors maintain position above Adamant IX as well and Battlegroup Adamantis would be ready to assist any defensive efforts.
  • Strategic importance: [Maxima] Adamant IX is an extremely important defensive position due to the its extensive augur scans of the system.
  • Loyalty: [Imperial 99%] The military population of the planet is even more loyal to the Imperium than the average Adamantian.