• Name: Actium
  • Rank: Techmarine
  • Born: 272.M41
  • Cult: Chapter Cult, Machine Cult
  • Status: Serving the Chapter, commander of the Fotress of Vengeance
  • About: Actium may not be the best Techmarine in the Chapter, but he sure knows his stuff and is loved by the men under his command. He is especially well known for his love for heavy armour. Former Techmarine Master Prinium, who favoured machines staying in the rear as the last resort often had arguments with Actium regarding how Chapter should use their machinery. Actium participated in successful mission to Mars to retrieve parts to repair Weather cathedral on Prothera after disastrous battle that happened there with Red Giants.

Skills & TraitsEdit

  • Intelligence 39
    • +Tech-Use (+10)
    • +Leadership (+5)
    • +Armour Commander (+14)

Special EquipmentEdit

  • Servo-arm


In over twenty years since we came to this Sector, we have not once deployed our mighty machines to the battlefield! I think that this is a total disgrace! By following such approach to armoured warfare we are doing double sin - we disrespect the war machines in our service and we make good brothers die in situation where a single Predator could shatter enemy formations!

-from a conversation with Leutenant Kronos

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